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Laatste Bericht 27 apr 2018 04:17 door  MichaelDick
Maarten from The Netherlands
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New Member

27 apr 2018 04:17

    After already following reef2reef on facebook, I figured it was time to sign up. I'm Maarten all the way from the Netherlands and I have had a reeftank for three years now. Probably like others I started with a Red Sea Max 130D, which after months just turned out to be too small. Switched to a RSM 250, which I had for almost 2 years until I decided that I was sick of the sump in the back and wanted a custom tank. So that brings me to my current cube tank which is only about 4 months old and is still maturing. I will post some more details on it in the appropiate section later today.

    For more details:
    3D Walkthrough Video

    U bent niet gemachtigd om antwoord te kunnen geven.


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